Our Mission


Braehead, Broomridge & District Community Development Trust (BBCDT) is a charitable organisation, regulated by the Office of the Scottish Charity Register (OSCR). Our charity number is SC046408.


Our constitution can be downloaded here: Braehead and Broomridge CDT Constitution


Membership of BBCDT is open to everybody who lives in Braehead or Broomridge and to those further afield who share our aims and objectives.


To create a vibrant, connected community which flourishes as a key part of 21st Century Stirling with healthy, happy residents.


(1)    We will pursue projects and objectives which recognise that our physical and mental wellbeing is inseparable from the condition and health of the built and natural environment in which we live.

(2)     We will listen to and amplify the local community voice to create, influence and facilitate new opportunities that enhance the quality of life in Braehead and Broomridge

(3)     We will work with partners and members to nurture civic pride and enhance our reputation regionally and nationally.

Key objectives will be:

  • Regular community engagement to stay relevant and connected to our members’ priorities
  • Exploring and delivering innovative technologies and projects that enhance and improve our built environment
  • Expanding on the success of Braehead Community Garden by continuing to explore and improve attitudes and skills relating to growing and preparing locally grown food
  • Expanding on the success of Braehead Community Garden by continuing to create hub spaces and events for members and residents to foster strong, vibrant relationships.
  • Creating and / or identifying volunteering opportunities and matching them with residents who have the skills to help facilitate success.

Our key objections and our mission will be regularly reviewed and updated – we welcome input from all of our members.


The Trust is run by a board of Trustees, elected from the membership at our AGM.  The current Trustees are:

  • Aileen Hall (Chair)
  • Jess McNeil (Secretary)
  • John Miller (Treasurer)
  • Ailsa Power
  • Alistair Kerr
  • Chris Kane
  • David Black
  • Mandy Rae
  • Matthew Power
  • Rosa Huczynski
  • Tracy Rich
  • Wendy Mclean