Stirling Council


Stirling Council provide most of the public services in Braehead and Broomridge.  If you have any questions about any service, you can contact the council by calling the switchboard on 01786 443322.

This is also the number you should use to report problems with streetlights, potholes or any deterioration or breaks to public spaces.

You should also be vigilant for sightings of the invasive plant GIANT HOGWEED as this can be very dangerous to children.  If you do see this plant, please contact Stirling Council ASAP.


Braehead and Broomridge are part of the STIRLING EAST, one of seven multi member wards on Stirling Council. There are three councillors elected at Local Authority Elections to represent you.  The current councillors are:

Bryan Flannagan (Con)

Chris Kane (Labour)

Gerry McLaughlan (SNP)

Click on their names to find out more information about them on the Stirling Council website.