Community Garden Webcams

At Braehead Community Garden, there are two webcams that stream live images. Both cameras have basic night vision, so you should see something 24 hours a day.

The garden has a large orchard and a flock of hens that are allowed to roam free during the day. The eggs are sold to garden members to help pay for the upkeep of the flock. There are fourteen hens – can you spot them all on #chickencam?  We’re always on the lookout for volunteers to help look after our orchard and our hens – email for more information.

As part of our weather monitoring project, at Braehead Community Garden we have a second webcam, which shows more of the sky, along with a few local landmarks (info below):

Stirling Castle and the old town are visible on the extreme left of the picture. The factory belongs to Superglass, an insulation firm. The prominent twin-pointed gable-end building to the left of the factory belong to NHS Forth Valley, but was originally the premises of the Drummond Seed Merchants, a prominent Stirling business from 1800-1981.  Between our raised beds and the buildings is a football pitch, used throughout the season by Braehead AFC.  At the far end of the pitch you’ll see our two community halls, the East Argyll Centre (under the Castle) and the Braehead Project Hall (under the NHS building).  To the right of centre you’ll see the Orchil Hills, with the highest point visible the summit of the hill Dumyat (418m).  The National Wallace Monument is, we promise, in the picture – although it is very difficult to make out.  Finally, throughout the day you’ll see trains travelling across the picture, linking Stirling Station (about one kilometre to the north) with Glasgow and Edinburgh to the south.