Post Office Decision Reached

Post Office Ltd have finished their consultation and have announced that Braehead’s Post Office services will be moving from Springfield Road to Wishart Drive.  You can read the decision in a letter available on at or you can download a copy of the letter here.

Commenting on the news, Braehead Community Council Chairperson Chris Kane says,

“I’m deeply disappointed by Post Office Ltd’s disregard for the views of the community and their customers. There have been petitions over this move organised by local residents. I’ve written with my concerns and the concerns of the dozens of people who have raised this issue with me in recent months.   Post Office Ltd have made it just that little bit harder for elderly and those with mobility problems  to access local services and that isn’t right. While I wish the new operators at Broomridge Mini-Market every success with this venture, this isn’t the location for Post Office services that local residents wanted.”

 The move will take place in the coming months once preparatory work has been undertaken at the new site.