Plans for Millhall Rail Bridge on track

Network Rail are hopeful that work can start on the replacement crossing on Millhall Road in the Spring of 2017 and be finished by the end of the year.

The current ground based crossing is due to be replaced with a bridge immediately to the right of the current location as you look at it from the Braehead side of the railway.

This is necessary for general safety reasons and because of the electrification of the line between Falkirk and Perth in the next 2-3 years; along with the power lines, trains will get quieter and faster, posing more of a risk for pedestrians crossing at ground level.

The new bridge will have both stairs and ramps to assist cyclists, wheelchair users and people with prams.

A Network Rail Spokesperson said,

“In the Stirling Observer on 23rd November, there was a planning notification alerting all interested parties to a “stopping up order” which is necessary to remove the current crossing from Stirling Council’s core paths network.  The same notification gave notice that a new core path would be created over the new bridge;  in effect the “old” crossing will shut and the “new” crossing will open on the same day.  We expect the consent process to be completed by the end of February and we hope to have staff on site in March to commence ground clearance works”

Community Council Chairperson Chris Kane says,

“Network Rail have been keeping us informed all along the way and we’re all looking forward to seeing the new bridge.  I know that as a consequence of the removal of the ground crossing, trains will not have to sound their horn on approach to Millhall – something residents in Wallace Park have been campaigning for some time.  I’m also pleased that Network Rail have confirmed that the current crossing will remain open until the bridge is ready, ensuring uninterrupted access to across the railway for local residents”

Network Rail hope to complete and open the bridge by Christmas 2017.