A plan to improve our paths

ckcastleChris Kane is the Chair of both Braehead & Broomridge Community Development Trust and Braehead Community Council.  In 2017, he’ll be publishing a regular series of blogs on what both organisations are doing within our community.  

I mentioned in an earlier blog that I really want to focus on ways to improve our parks and paths in 2017.  To that end, I’ve been meeting with representatives from Sustrans (the national charity helping people walk, cycle and use public transport for everyday journeys) and Stirling Council.  Braehead & Broomridge Community Development Trust has successfully applied to be one of two communities in the Stirling Council area to receive funding to produce an “active travel” report.


The report will provide evidence for Stirling Council to apply to the Scottish Government for funding to create new or improve existing paths / cycle lanes, install or improve signage and create or improve crossing points on roads.  The government tends to give “match funding”, meaning Stirling Council or some other body will have to find 50% of the money to make any improvements.  In 2017 Network Rail will be replacing the on-track crossing at Millhall Road with a multi-million pound bridge;  the cost of this bridge could be the match funding required.

Stirling Council are already looking at linking cycle lanes in Braehead & Broomridge with a new route, as part of the city deal, through Springkerse to the Sports Village and then on to Forthside.  This new plan would build on that, but with more of a focus on the residential side of the rail tracks.

The consultants will want to hear from all of us about how we walk and cycle through Braehead.  They’ll want to hear our thoughts on where the best places for new paths and crossings should be located.  They’ll want to hear about what are called “desire lines” – these are the routes we walk regardless of whether there is a path, usually the quickest way to get to where we want to go and often different from where paths are actually located.

Our Community Cops are already making good use of the cycling facilities in Braehead and Broomridge
Our Community Cops are already making good use of the cycling facilities in Braehead and Broomridge

One of the purposes of my meeting was to agree the area the consultants would consider for their report  We’ve agreed that the catchment area for the Community Development Trust would be ideal (we don’t yet have a map, but the trust area is almost identical to the catchment area for Braehead Primary School which you can view here).  I’ve also asked that an additional “corridor” be included that will help Braehead with Stirling High School;  with Bannockburn High School and St Modan’s High School already in the Trust area, this could eventually help all of our kids walk or cycle to school safely.   This corridor will have the added advantage of going past the new care village.

The consultants will be appointed in the coming weeks, with public drop in events soon after that.  But if you’ve got any thoughts or ideas, drop me an email and I’ll pass them onto the consultants along with your contact details.

As always, I can be contacted at on this or any other matter – together we’ll ensure our community is vibrant, safe and welcoming for everybody.