2017 – the year of paths and parks

ckcastleChris Kane is the Chair of both Braehead & Broomridge Community Development Trust and Braehead Community Council.  In 2017, he’ll be publishing a regular series of blogs on what both organisations are doing within our community.  

Now that the Community Garden is up and running, the Community Council recently had a brainstorming meeting on what projects we felt we wanted to look at in 2017.  We agreed that we would focus on paths and parks, and consider how we can work with Stirling Council and other bodies to improve both of them.

I’ll get to paths in another blog, but for some time we’ve wanted to talk with Stirling Council about creating one fantastic play park in the Braehead Community Council area and it seemed obvious to concentrate on the large, but relatively empty, park sandwiched between Afton Court, Annfield Drive and Springfield Road.

Before Christmas we brought together representatives from the Community Council, the Community Development Trust and Stirling Council, and agreed to look at ways we might work in partnership to deliver a new park.

The Community Council applied for a grant to allow us to appoint a consultant to create a design for the space.   After undertaking a tendering process we have appointed Tracy Rich of Tracy Rich Design to work with us.  Tracy designed the Braehead Community Garden, which last year was named the “Best Community Space” in the UK by the Society of Garden Designers – so I’m looking forward to seeing what she’ll come up with for the Afton Court Park.

the current playpark at Afton Court
the current playpark at Afton Court

As part of the process, we’ll have a number of public consultation events so that everybody can offer suggestions on what we’d like to see in the final design.  And, as it’s primarily a playpark, we’re going to work closely with the children of our community to ensure what is eventually delivered is what they want to see and, more importantly, play on, in and around.

The space is large enough that we could consider other aspects – a picnic area?  An outdoor adult gym?  An Orchard?  Part of the fun of the design process is that we can – and will – consider everything and anything.

Of course, getting the design in place is the easy bit.  Finding the funding to build our amazing park is another matter altogether. But we worked hard and found £250,000 to build our community garden in what was a real community effort.  So let’s do it all again and by working together, see what we can create.

If you’ve got a specific skill you’d like to bring to this project, let me know – drop me an email at