Community Council Object to Kerse Road Plans

Following their January meeting, Braehead & District Community Council have voted to object to the Kerse Road bridge closure planing application and request a hearing at the Planning Panel before a decision is made.

Community Council Chairperson Chris Kane says,

“Network Rail are rushing through this application without any meaningful public consultation, with no information on the implication of diverting twenty two thousand vehicles a day through neighbouring communities and little regard to the impact on the businesses and jobs in Springkerse that could be devastated by this closure.

Network Rail are four years into a five year programme of works, meaning they’ve known since 2013 severe disruption was on the cards. That’s three years in which Stirling Council could have worked to ensure safety measures were in place on diversion routes. Three years in which Springkerse businesses could have worked to plan for their survival. Three years in which contractors could have coordinated and organised the works to ensure the minimum of disruption.

Stirling’s communities and businesses are going to suffer because of Network Rail’s poor project planning. This programme of works is smashing through Stirling like a runaway train – we need to slow it down until everybody is sure road safety won’t be compromised and that Stirling won’t be gridlocked for twelve months.

I have written to Stirling Council’s Planning Officers outlining my community’s concerns, asking for a delay in making a decision until a traffic survey has been completed and for a planning hearing in order that we can start to sort out this ill considered application from Network Rail.”