Braehead Plant & Flower Show A Great Success


Over 200 people attended Braehead Community Garden’s Flower and Vegetable show on Sunday.  The second annual event saw both garden members and local residents showing the fruits of their labour over the last few months.  There were 100 classes of entry covering everything from cut flowers to trusses of tomatoes.




The 2017 prizewinners with Provost Christine Simpson

Alasdair Forsyth picked up the prize for most points in the new chilli section, winning with exotic sounding entries including the Peruvian lemon drop chilli, the nu-mex twilight chilli, the Bulgarian carrot chilli and the peach habanerao hybrid chilli.

Alasdair Forsyth receives his rosette from Provost Christine Simpson - check out the t-shirt!
Alasdair Forsyth receives his rosette from Provost Christine Simpson – check out the t-shirt!

Jim Kirk won the inaugural photography section (many of the pictures on this page are his creations!), although ten year old Katie Kane triumphied in the “portrait of a pet” category with a picture of her hamster Izzy.

Ten year old Katie Kane's prize winning shot of hamster Izzy in the "Portrait of a Pet" category
Ten year old Katie Kane’s prize winning shot of hamster Izzy in the “Portrait of a Pet” category

Overall, for the second year running, Garden member Elaine Lewis won the “Braehead Cup” for the most points accrued over all categories and classes.

Elaine Lewis (holding son Connor) receiving the "Braehead Cup" from Provost Christine Simpson
Elaine Lewis (holding son Connor) receiving the “Braehead Cup” from Provost Christine Simpson

Community Garden Chairperson, and Stirling East Councillor, Chris Kane, said

“We’re doing our bit here at Braehead to reintroduce simple gardening skills and give people the confidence to try growing their own food and then have fun sharing and showing what they’ve produced.  But more than that, we’re also showing that just as you don’t have to be a musician to appreciate music, you don’t have to be a gardener to appreciate a garden.  It’s been wonderful to see so many people visit and appreciate all the hard work and simply to soak up the atmosphere in what our members know is a wonderful, inspirational community space.” 

Provost Christine Simpson was on hand to present the prizes and talk with the winners.


The next public event at the Community Garden is the Pumpkin Festival on Sunday 29th October, with pumpkin carving workshops, pumpkin cooking workshops and a wonderful nighttime display of all the pumpkin creations.  The event is free and more details will be posted here nearer the time.


List of Winners

Overall Winner:  1st Elaine Lewis;  2nd Jim Clark;  3rd Aileen Hall

Vegetables:  1st Jim Clark; 2nd Elaine Lewis;  3rd Braehead Market Gardeners

Fruit:  1st Elaine Lewis;  2nd Barbara Anderson / Alasdair Forsyth;  3rd Aileen Hall / Jimmy McArthur / Wendy Mclean

Chillies:  1st Alasdair Forsyth;  2nd Alasdair Kerr;  3rd Anne Kerr

Flowers:  1st Elaine Lewis;  2nd Maureen McArthur;  3rd Wendy Mclean

Homemade:  1st Jennifer Mackay; 2nd Elaine Lewis;  3rd Aileen Brown / Rosa & Greg Huczynski

Photography:  1st Jim Kirk;  2nd Aileen Hall;  3rd Ailsa & Matty Power

Children’s Section:  1st Cora Lewis; 2nd Connor Lewis / Holly Power / Archie & Kirsty Anderson; 3rd Penny Rae